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OUR SALES SERVICE FOR FERRARI F430 BUYERS is an on-line resource for world-wide Ferrari F430 buyers and sellers who require a specialist resource to either buy their next Ferrari F430 or want to offer their car for sale.

It is operated by Import Marques ( which is an established prestige car import / export business located in England. Import Marques has been trading Aston Martin, BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes and Porsche for a number of years and it prides itself on being one of the leading prestige sources for discerning buyers world-wide.

During the pasy few years we will have some of the best priced Ferrari F430 cars for sale and we hope that worldwide buyers will use our web site to source their next car.

Our cars are all located within Central Europe or the UK so all our cars are Euro specification in either left hand drive or right hand drive form.

Contact us by email to make further enquiries or simply supply us with information on a F430 you wish to sell and we will see if it can be sold for you.

Ferrari F430 import sales


Ferrari F430 import
Enjoy this awesome performance car with the classic Ferrari Rosso Corsa red colour, cream coloured leather and Formula One derived gearbox. With this car, you get the looks and the performance to match most modern day supercars, which is why prices have remained fairly stable during the last 12 months.

Just listen to that glorious Ferrari V8 engine howl whilst you accelerate away and leave people just watching in awe at one of the most appealing cars ever made by the Italian manufacturer. This 4.3 litre, 483 bhp beauty comes in electric convertible roof form so you get to enjoy this automotive masterpeice in ultimate style.

One of the technical features that sets the F430 apart is the E-Diff or electronic differential. This solution has been used for years in F1 single-seaters and has been continuously developed and refined, effectively transferring massive torque levels to the track under extremely high cornering g-forces.

We can ship your Ferrari F430 import purchase to anywere in the world so please contact us for further information.


The Ferrari F430 driver can change various levels of the cars handling through the Manettino switch whihc is a driver communication tool that has been adopted directly from F1 racing and allows the driver maximum efficiency and speed in controlling the Ferrari F430’s various functions.

The settings are Low Grip, Sport,Race and CST. CST is the settign where the Ferrari F430 driver has full control over the car with stability and tarcton control turned off completely.

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